Spring Women's Retreat

Saturday, May 11th
2534 18th Ave E,
N St Paul
Bring lunch, water 
and 2-3 magazines.
Wear clothes that
you can move in.

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Hello, Beautiful and Powerful Women!


It is late January and the sun is shining! I am so grateful for the sun these past few days, as I feel like many of our Fall and Winter skies have been shrouded in a thick blanket of the most dull shade of light gray. I do enjoy a lovely gray day now and then, but soooo many of them in a row just made me want to take a warm bath and follow it with a long nap. “Wake me when the sun returns or in Spring, whichever comes first”, I would write on a piece of paper and pin it to the top of my cozy comforter.


But on these late January days, I feel like the sun has made a few solid appearances, and I have literally shouted, “Hooray!” and “Helloooooo, Sun!! Woot, Woot!”. I have also caught a whiff, a hint, and a vibration of Spring! Of course, we are in the frozen north, and yes, it is still only January, and we could easily have blizzards until mid-April. But I have caught a few undeniable whiffs, and they were delightful! These past few days, I feel like I can sense a renewed vigor in the sun itself, as it pours through my kitchen window and spills onto the floor.  My cats have been lovingly laying in these pools of sunshine like small, warm blobs of cotton fluff. When I walked outside, to fill the bird feeder, several chickadees called to me (or each other - but I like to think they were saying “‘you, who’ Rachel”! :)) from the large black walnut tree and I am certain that I could hear a root lengthening down into the earth just a bit. I also felt the slight and lovely vibration of seeds and bulbs rolling over and stretching in the soil of the garden.


None of this is to say that I am straining or striving or angling for Spring to arrive tomorrow. I love being joyfully present in this moment, this day. Be in the soup of life!


What I am saying is this: Things are moving, beautiful people! Life is always happening!  

And these whiffs were simply a lovely reminder that this moment, even when it is in the cold of January, is chock full of life, if we stop and listen for it. So, feel free to listen, and listen with your whole self. You might find that hint of the quiet stretching of bulbs in the soil, and once you catch it, you might also find that you somehow catch the smell of crocuses and the vibration of a dragonfly zipping by.


And being fully present, but with Spring in mind, I invite you to think toward Spring and join me for a Spring Women’s Retreat in May. Let’s celebrate this delightful life that is always flowing.


Since Spring is a time when the sap (life force, chi, prana, energy) is literally flowing inside and outside, it is the perfect time to harness and focus your life force.


Do you want to become a better self-listener and trust your inner voice?

Do you want to get clear about your desires, and clear out the things that are blocking you?

Do you want to channel your own wisdom and direct your life so that you are joyfully living in alignment with what you truly value and love?


If so, let’s do it at the Spring Women’s Retreat!


At the Retreat,

  • You will awaken your energy and flow through the practice on Qigong,

  • You will find inspiration in nature and learn how to do a shamanic journey (and if you desire, you will journey to the Spirit of a plant medicine of your choosing),

  • You will listen to your inner voice and get clarity on what you really want in any or every area of your life. (Feel free to shout it from the rooftops too! That’s totally encouraged!),

  • You will learn tools to clear blockages in your path,

  • You will create a vision board to anchor your intentions and watch the magic unfold.

The Details:

Saturday, May 11th


(End time is approximate. Sometimes women get chatty! :))



Bring a lunch for your fabulous self and water

Wear clothes that you can move in, for Qigong

Bring 2-3 magazines that you are comfortable cutting up

All other materials, sparkles and awesomeness will be provided

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