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Our Ceremony Offerings:

  • Cacao

  • Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)

  • Despacho Gratitude

The word cacao means "food of the gods" and for the Maya, symbolizes "the water that runs through the heart". In a Cacao ceremony, you will be held by this beautiful plant through heart opening, transformation and reconnection to self-love.


In a Temazcal ceremony, we will connect with the directions and the elements before entering into the womb of the earth, represented by the temazcal, for healing, cleansing and renewal. We are blessed to be guided in this ceremony by Mayan Shaman Abuela Laura. 

Despacho Gratitude ceremony is an Andean practice based in the understanding of "ayni" which means reciprocity. When we make ceremonial offerings to Mother Earth and all that we feel grateful for, it restores balance and invites in magic. Our Despacho Gratitude Ceremony will be a joyful celebration with the spirit of the sea where it meets the land.

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