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Reaching Out to the Sun

Soul Retrieval Session


There are times in life when we all experience trauma. Trauma is a deeply personal experience that may not seem like "a big deal" to an outside observer, but it absolutely was a big deal to us.


From the shamanic perspective, when we experience trauma, we often have a subsequent reaction called soul loss. Soul loss is when a part of our soul's energy breaks off and leaves our body in order to survive the trauma.

Indigenous cultures knew how to recognize soul loss and how to call the soul back in right away, but in our modern culture, we have largely forgotten this ancient wisdom and so soul loss can go unnoticed and unhealed for years.

If you have ever had a challenging/negative experience and thought, "I wasn't the same after that!", you likely have had some soul loss. The great news is that we can always heal from soul loss. That is were the real healing of trauma begins!

In a Soul Retrieval Session, we first acknowledge that there has been soul loss, that the first step to healing that trauma is to retrieve the lost soul part and then we will do exactly that. A Soul Retrieval Session is deeply healing medicine!

The Soul Retrieval Session is approximately 2 hours.

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