Welcome home, soul parts!


Now that you have had a soul retrieval, the real healing work can begin, called Soul Part Integration. Soul Part Integration is a time in which your retrieved soul parts are with you, but not yet completely integrated into your soul. This “connected, yet slightly separate” state gives you the opportunity to talk with the soul parts within you, almost as if they are separate from you, in order to complete their healing and allow full integration. 


After your soul retrieval, it is very important to integrate your soul parts back into your vital life-force. By fully integrating your soul parts, you will be able to complete your soul parts healing and become open to receiving the unique gifts/talents that each soul part brings back with it. 


Please use the questions below to check in with your soul parts Every Day for at least two weeks after your soul retrieval. The more you check in with your soul parts, listen to their needs, wants and concerns, and do what your soul parts ask of you, the more quickly your parts will integrate. 


Remember that soul parts can't make things happen. You make things happen because you are the person with power and freewill in the present moment. Your soul parts will give you the information that you need in order to complete your Soul Part Integration.


Some additional reminders that are important for Soul Part Integration:

  • Do what your soul part(s) ask you to do (within reason, of course). They need your help. Even if they just ask you to buy them flowers and a bag of tangerines. Do it.

  • Introduce (internally) your soul parts to people in your life that they may not know.

  • Be gentle with yourself and any emotions that may come up.

  • Be mindful of how your soul parts are feeling in your daily life situations; and help them to understand the day-to-day experiences of your life now.

  • Be a good listener.

  • Call or email Rachel with any questions or concerns. 


(Note: When checking in with your soul parts, it can be helpful to keep a notebook or journal handy for information received from your soul parts.)


Questions to ask your soul parts:


  1. Why did you leave? (Or: Why did I send you away?)

  2. What are the main emotions that you were feeling when you left? How are you feeling now? What can I do to help you with these emotions?

  3. What do you need in order to feel whole/healed?

  4. What do you need in order to feel safe?

  5. What do you need in order to feel loved and accepted?

  6. Do you need anything from me in order to trust? 

  7. What would help you know that I care about you?

  8. Are you excited (scared, happy, angry, sad, etc.) about being back here, with me? Why?

  9. Every soul part contains a gift or talent. What is your gift or talent?

  10. Now that you are back, is there anything that you really want to do (today or in life, in general)?

  11. Is there anything else that you want me to know?


Soul Part Integration is deep and personal work. This is where the real power to change occurs. Be gentle with it and yourself. Please know that some people are highly protected due to a lifetime of habits designed to protect themselves from feelings related to their soul loss. If this is you, be patient, keep at it and know that what you will encounter is more light, not more darkness. Also, know that some soul parts come back highly protected and need to be nourished and encouraged to come forth, to be heard, and to share their gifts and talents with you. You must be patient, consistent, and trustworthy with yourself and with your soul parts.


You can do this! And if in doubt, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Much Love and Many Blessings,