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Multidimensional Self Session


In an exciting and transformational Multidimensional Self Session, you will meet with one or more of your multidimensional selves and begin to build or rebuild that relationship. When you meet with your multidimensional self, you will bring them healing and in turn be healed yourself; you will learn about the strengths and wisdom that they possess and how you can assist each other to lead a more enriching, fulfilling and joyful life.


In your session, you can choose to work with any of your multidimensional selves:

  • Body self 

  • Shadow self 

  • Higher Self

  • Inner child 

  • Divine feminine self 

  • Divine masculine self 

  • Astral self 

  • Mind self

  • Etheric self 

  • Galactic self 

  • Deconstruction self

  • Creator self

The Initial Session is approximately 2 hours.

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