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Limpieza - Shamanic Cleansing


Experience a lighter, freer, more empowered you with a Limpieza - Shamanic Cleansing.


During the session, your energy field will be cleared, cleaned and healed with the use of dried plant allies, fresh herbs, rattles, drums, feathers and/or fire. With these tools and the energetic seeing of the shaman, any energy in your field that is old, stuck, unaligned with your highest path or not your own will be transmuted or removed from your field, any energetic leaks in your field will be tended to, and messages from your energy field and your highest self will be relayed. 

This session can be held in-person or remotely.

The Limpieza Session is 1-1.25 hours. Any additional time over 1.25 hours is charged at a rate of $100/hour.

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