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Home & Land Healing Session


A Home & Land Healing Session is an opportunity to specifically address the space and land on which you live.


Land and buildings can experience trauma and hold dense energy in much the same way that a person can. Since our western culture has not historically seen the land as a living being, much of our beautiful Mother Earth has been treated with disrespect and carelessness. The affects of this abuse can remain in the soil and dwellings above the soil for lifetimes if it is not addressed, causing a disharmony and a disrupted flow of energy that affects our physical and energetic bodies.

If you feel like your home or your land has spirits that haven't crossed over, dense energy, is angry/sad/upset/disrespected or doesn't support your life, a Home & Land Healing Session will help you get to the root of the disturbance and find ways to heal the land and clear your home, so your energy and the energy of the land can flourish together, harmoniously.

The Home & Land Healing session is 2-3 hours. Prices based on time, including travel.

Session conducted in-person, via zoom and remotely.

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