Shamanic Healing


A shaman is a person who is regarded as having access to and influence in the realm of benevolent and malevolent spirits. A shamanic healing session is a holistic healing practice that addresses the health of the whole self: body, mind and spirit. 


In a Shamanic Healing session, Rachel will assess the health of a client's energy field (aura), physical body and mental health to gain understanding into any health challenges. She will also receive important health information and guidance from your Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. Then, in collaboration with the Guides, she will use this information and understanding to bring healing and balance back to the individual.

Your Shamanic Healing session may include a soul retrieval. A soul retrieval is a powerful shamanic healing tool that treats soul loss. Soul loss is something that occurs when our soul becomes fragmented during trauma. If you are a new client and are interested in a soul retrieval session, please contact Rachel to discuss if this is the best first step for you.


Please schedule an Initial Session prior to scheduling a Shamanic Healing Session. 


Rachel Navaro 

Shamanic Practitioner