Phone, Skype and Email Consultations

All sessions are available by phone, Skype, email or text message! 

Please purchase your desired session type and indicate your preferred mode of communication in the notes field upon checkout, or contact me directly to set-up a session.


Your session can also be custom designed for you. For example, some people use this time to ask specific questions and receive guidance from their Spirit Guides. Other use their session to meet new Guides or reconnect with old ones. Still others have health and wellness questions that they would like to discuss. How you choose to use your time is entirely up to you.

Helpful Hints:

1) Email a Photo
If Rachel has not met you in person, she can connect with your energy and your Guides more easily if you send a photo. When you book a phone or email session, please email a clear photo of yourself.

2) Ask Clear, Specific Questions
Clear, specific questions will result in more clear and specific answers from your Guides. Please think about your question(s) prior to your phone/email consultation. For the email consultation, please be sure to give Rachel enough specific information regarding your situation/question(s), since she will not be able to ask you for clarification on your question(s).

3) Email, text, Skype or phone sessions lasting more than 60 minutes will be charged $1/min for any additional time.

Be Responsible


You are always responsible for your own life and what you choose to do with the information that you receive from your Guides in a session. Whether the information that you receive is of a financial, medical, legal or other nature, it is always up to you to interpret and use discretion and intelligence when you put the information into practice. The information that you receive in a session should be used as a guideline. Please seek the advice of medical, financial or legal experts when necessary.


Rachel Navaro 

Shamanic Practitioner