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Ancestral Healing Session


In an Ancestral Healing Session, you will be guided on a journey to the realm of the well ancestors where you will meet with beautiful, very well ancestors from your 4 main ancestral lines. You will have the opportunity to receive the blessings from your well ancestors and to invite them to become Ancestral Helping Spirits, a role in which they can offer their daily support, guidance and wisdom to you and your family.

In Session 2 of Ancestral Healing, we will use the support and protection of your Ancestral Helping Spirits to guide us to an unwell ancestor who's influence has created challenges like depression, anxiety, addiction and hereditary health problems in your family lines. With the powerful aid of your Ancestral Helping Spirits, we will help to heal the unwell ancestor and facilitate their crossing over to the Source of Creation. 

The Ancestral Healing Session is approximately 2 hours.

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