Ancestral Healing Retreat


This retreat is currently FULL. Please email me to be added to the waiting list.


Beautiful and Power Beings!

Your Luminous Ancestors are waiting to meet you and provide you with immense ancestral support and love, flowing to your from the beginnings of your family lines.


Your Wounded Ancestors are waiting for you to help them heal and cross over to the Spirit Realm, and by doing so, you will heal all of your ancestors, yourself and your descendants.


This is powerful, transformative and very important work, and I am honored to be Guiding you all in this experience.


Space in the retreat is limited and at this point all spots are filled.  If you wish to attend, but don't have a spot, please email me to be placed on the waiting list.


As directed by Spirit, a pre-requisite for this retreat is the ability to do a Shamanic Journey, in group and on your own. If you have not yet learned the art of the Shamanic Journey, please schedule a session prior to the retreat. If you don't have time to meet in-person prior to the retreat, we could also arrange a skype session. The Shamanic Journey training can be easily woven into your regular, scheduled session.


If you have already learned the art of the Shamanic Journey, please practice journeying on your own, to meet with your Spirit Guides, at least 2 times prior to the retreat.


No prior knowledge of your ancestors is required for this retreat. If you do have knowledge, names, photos, or items from your 4 main ancestral lines, please feel free to bring any items/information that speak to you.


Your 4 main ancestral lines are:

Your Mother's mothers

Your Mother's fathers

Your Father's mothers

Your Father's fathers


However, if you feel called to someone outside of these lines, such as your Mother's father's mother, that is wonderful. All ancestors that are ready to present themselves and be worked with and/or become additional Helping Spirits for you will be welcomed with incredibly loving hearts and open arms.


The Details:

Date: Saturday, October 12th

Time: 11am until 4pm

(As usual, I don't know a true end time. 4pm is my guess, but it could be shorter or possibly longer.)

Location: Rachel's house

Cost: $100


Please register prior to the retreat by clicking the feather below or visiting my website at:


So much love to you!